Friday, September 10, 2010

weeee! I have followers!!

Hi!!  I am so excited that a few of you decided to follow me!  I feel the love.  I enjoy reading everyone's blogs so much.  I hope along the way I can be love and support and fun and understanding and companionship for others, as they have been for me!!

Enough sappy stuff!

Work this week has been horrendous.  I work in HR.  I'm a people person.  This week, not liking the people so much.  We fired our temp agency today - and the contractor we just hired to supposedly make my life easier by doing some recruiting.  We've had employees lie to us and go behind our backs.  Nothing horribly serious - but enough to have our faith in people waiver.  It's odd.  People just aren't happy.  I'm not sure how we best go about making them happy.

I got the insurance thing figured out.  THANK GOODNESS!  That was a huge stresser.  Sounds like - as usual - I got wrong info from the insurance cust service person.  So - we are back to straight up, outpatient copay.  Phew.

I'm not doing well with eating.  I weighed in at WW yesterday, up almost 2 pounds from where the dietitian had me on Tuesday.  Ehhh...I gave myself a free day on Wed.  You'll have that.  We are having my dearest friends over for dinner tomorrow night.  We're grilling chicken and having grilled fruit and pound cake for dessert.  I plan on small pound cake, lots of fruit.  Plus my friends are bringing some healthy sides.  It should be a good night.  Only bummer - it hasn't rained here in literally 2 months - feels like years.  Tomorrow night - high chance of rain.  boo.  I wanted to eat outside.  Oh well....

Do you all like to entertain?

Enough of my ramblings for now.  Hope you are all having fab Fridays and weekends!!

Until later....

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  1. Hello! Thanks for commenting on my blog :) So happy to be your 7th follower!