Sunday, September 26, 2010

Party follow-up

Good morning everyone!

I know you've been waiting all night to hear how it  I had a hard time.  You see, the bread they bring out with the cinnamon butter....yeah.

I had 3/4 of a roll (they are making them smaller than they used to, I noticed) with some cinnamon butter on it.  I chewed and sucked on it, so it seemed to go down ok.

And I had applesauce and mashed potatoes.  Oh gosh did this taste good to me.

And a bite of cake.

Not horrible for all of the temptation, really!!  I'm pretty ok with it.  I know that in the end completely restricting myself from any one food will be hard and counterproductive.

I was full all night from eating that at 4!

DH and I then went to the newer outlet mall they built in the area we were in.  We walked and did a little shopping.  It was beautiful outside, so it was just a nice way to spend an evening.

I'm loving that it's Sunday and beautiful outside again.  I'm hoping to go for a long walk later.

Talk to you soon!!


  1. Congrats on eating successfully! As they tell me, it will get easier! I hope for a long walk this week. I'm chomping at the bit to get outside and back to the gym. The weather is cooler and he leaves are turning. Perfect walking weather :)

  2. Great job! Texas Roadhouse is going to be a tough place for me to navigate as well... I love that place. You should be proud!

  3. You did fine. I started on mushies about a week early after my surgery. I'm sure we aren't the only ones.