Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still here....

It's been a few days.  Things are good.  I was exhausted last night - not sure if that is surgery related or not...but it might have to do with not sleeping wonderfully.  I just am having a hard time getting comfy.  I'm a side sleeper and while I sleep normally on my right side (and the left side is where the work was done), I think that my hips still make my middle squeeze a little on the left side.  It's just not comfy yet.  But getting there!

And the ITCHING!!  Dear God, the itching!  I catch myself scratching my belly like some old man...kinda funny.


Next part might be TMI.

Here's my other complaint.  I started my period the day after surgery.  Seriously, like I needed that.  Gas pains and bleeding.  good times.  Anyway...it's still hanging in there.  Not as strong - and it was strong - but kinda coming and going for the last few days.  I have PCOS - I've never had regular periods, even in my younger thinner days.  I once went 6 months without.  Most of the time they come and go in 5 days max and never horribly heavy.  This one was bad.  Auntie Flo, you are now uninvited for a while, please.

I know it's probably hormones, but...again, come on now, cut this girl a break!

What else.  I'm hungry.  Going for post-op tomorrow.  I want to confess to you all that on Sunday I had the cheese, ham and pineapple from a pizza.  My DH wanted pizza, so I got him a little personal size one at the store and felt bad for myself - I mean, how can I sit and watch (and smell!!) pizza while he eats it and me sit and drink soup/protein shakes/something equally uninteresting.  So, I bought a pizza for me, knowing I'd just eat the toppings, no crust.

There is now more than 1/2 of a pizza untouched sitting in the garbage can.  I couldn't control myself.  One little taste of the cheese, then a little more.  then the rest of the 1/4 pizza I gave myself to eat the toppings of.  Then back in the kitchen for another taste.  And I had to throw it out.

The band fixes your stomach, eventually, but not your head!  Say it with me.

So...pizza.  Just don't tempt yourself until it's time.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow.  Please doc, tell me it's time for something more!

At work we are starting a walking competition tomorrow.  I'm 1/2 in charge of it locally.  We all have pedometers that download onto our computers to let us know how many steps we've taken.  We're competing against the other US sites.  Looking forward to it.  I barely walk at work - I've been averaging about 3000 steps, which is just over a mile.  I need to add some steps!!  So, this should be some good motivation for some exercise!!

Alright, enough rambling for now.  Sounds like people had great times in Chicago.  I love Chicago - I lived there for 3 years.  I am sure the experience was indescribable though.  I look forward to joining everyone next year, wherever everyone ends up!!

Until later!!


  1. Good luck on your appointment tomorrow! Temptations will always be there and we don't have to deprive ourselves from our favorite things; we just will be able to walk away with healthy size portions :)

  2. Just found your blog through Lynne's. Congrats on the band! You're on your way. It's a great, though challenging, ride. Hope to see you both (you & Lynne) at BOOBs 2011. It was AWESOME!!!
    Robin at Band on the Run

  3. By the time I was done with liquids, I was licking pretzel sticks so I feel your pain. Cheese...totally a mushy! LOL.