Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thousand Word Thursday

Amy had a great idea that I think started last week.  I'm joining in this week!

We are supposed to post a meaningful decoration in our home.  I chose 2, that share the same space.

On the right is a framed copy of our wedding invitation.  A very talented friend of mine designed them, and then framed one for our gift.  We used pink gerber daisies as a theme - and she made one to decorate the decorative hanger on the frame.  Love.

On the left is the one picture I have from our wedding that I felt was worth displaying.  I haven't done much with our pictures.  We were married almost 2 years ago.  Part of it is that I don't LOVE our pictures....we used a family friend and she was just ok.  The other part - I hate how we look in them.  Since having his band, my husband looks great now.  I am still heavy.  For now, only.  So, I chose the picture with just our hands.

It's also meaningful as just about a month ago, I lost my engagement ring.  I am still pissed at myself.  But this picture shows that ring and the 2 bands that go on either side.

I love our wedding stuff.

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