Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Birthday Party

Today is our niece's birthday party - at Texas Roadhouse.  I have hemmed and hawed and vacillated about going.  She needs our support.  She doesn't have the greatest support at home.  DH's sister is a single mom and struggles financially.  Niece's father is supportive financially, but lives far away.  And she is a good, smart girl.  So...I feel like it's important to be there.  Of all of the members of his family, hers is the top birthday I don't want to miss.

However, as I mentioned earlier, it's at Texas Roadhouse.  Steak is in my top fav foods.  And I am starting to hit the hungry portion of the liquids phase.  I have a plan, though.  We are going about an hour away.  I am going to make a protein shake right before we leave to drink on the way up there.  Once there, I will order either mashed potatoes or applesauce and just be content.  I can do this.  It's only one meal.  And I agree with you all - who cares what the family thinks or talks about.  Truth be told, they will find something to talk about regarding me, my DH, whomever, no matter what.

Let's talk about this hungry phase.  Phew, did it hit me out of the blue yesterday.  I was leaving work at 5 and starving.  I knew I needed to come home and make something a little more substantial.  So I stopped at the store to buy the stuff for some black bean soup.  I'm doing ok with soups - but realized black bean would have a ton more protein that the other soups I've been eating.

The grocery store is a whole new experience!!!

I walked in and had to remind myself I couldn't eat any of the stuff that I am used to looking at.  Even the fruits and veggies, I kept moving.  I'm so used to going in and finding some "treat" to buy, but this time realized that there was no point.  Kinda empowering, kinda odd.

The soup took a long time to make, but was worth it.  Very satisfying.  Hopefully it will get me through the next 5 days to my post-op visit, where (again, hopefully) they might tell me to start adding in foods beyond liquids.

It's finally fall here - cool morning and only up to 74 today!!  Weeee!  I love this time of year!!

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  1. Hey Paige, I'm glad you found me. That enchilada soup looks good. i am going to try it when I go back to liquids after a fill. Hope the party went well. People always find something to talk about. Don't let it change your path.