Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twas the night before banding....

...and all through the house...

is anxiousness and excitement and planning and all sorts of things.  We just hit the drug store to make sure they have Roxicet for DH to pick up tomorrow.  We went to a nice dinner at one of my favorite dinners.  I ate too much.  But it was so good.  I brought home tons of my leftovers.  My sister will get them tomorrow when she comes over to babysit me while DH goes to his night class.

And work is complete.  That was really the hardest part.  I have no idea if I'll be back on Monday or Wed or 2 Mondays from now or when.  So I had to do a little planning to make sure that things could wait until I get back.  I brought home my computer so that I can do some things from bed or the couch if need be.  But, it was a long day, for sure.

So, now I wait.  I hope I sleep well.  I hope it all goes quickly.  I am so ready to get to the other side.  I can't believe it is happening!!  I have to be there at 5:30am...ick.  I'm off to relax some with DH.

I'll catch you all on the other side!!  And btw - thank you to my 9 followers!!  Weeee!  It's really the best part of this - having a community of people to go through this with.  Thank you.  I hope to one day have even more!!!


  1. You are going to do great!! Sending lots of good vibes your way :)

    See you in Bandland, hun!

  2. Sending good surgery vibes your way! Good luck! See you on the other side...