Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Awww. I feel loved.

Thank you everyone for the comments yesterday.  And the new followers.  I love this.  I'm, again, so glad to have a group of people around who get it and understand it.

I did go back to work today, but it wasn't horrible.  And I went in late.  And left early.  Tomorrow I am scheduled to be on an online training all day.  We'll see if that happens.  :)

I also have my first weight watchers meeting since banding - we'll see how that goes too.  My scale here has been hovering around 265....pretty nice trade off for the liquids phase.

Tonight, though, my sister hosted one of those home parties - and this was WildTree who is kinda like tastefully$imple, but more whole foods oriented.  I did a lot of licking of sauces.  I don't feel great now though.  Ehhh...we'll see, again.

I'm heading to bed.  Again - thank you all!  I am feeling so blessed to have good people around.

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  1. Hi! Congrats on joining the band!! Ha! I was a long time WW person and I actually thought about starting back up just to be accountable for the lifestyle changes post-banding. I somehow thought that I would be "cheating", an "unfair advantage" in the race for getting to my goal. I hadn't found anyone so far that is still a WW member. I think I am going to re-think this, since I still count points for everything without even realizing it. :-) You are doing great! Thanks for your comment.