Saturday, September 18, 2010

2 days after

Hi all!

I'm sitting here, sipping soup, and resting.  The horrid gas pains from my first day subsided by the next morning, thank goodness.  That was bad!!  Now, I'm just trying to keep doing some deep breathing and relaxing.  I went for a quick walk outside last night.  Then had to get up and go next door at 10:30 to tell our neighbors to bring in the kids - they were so loud.  Really?  10:30pm and your kids are outside playing - and you don't think there is something wrong with that?  If they were just hanging out, I could care less - but they were running and screaming and I just wanted to sleep.  When I came back in, I was pretty worked up and out of breath...I shouldn't have gone over there.  But, I just am at wits end with these people.

Only other kinda scary moment is that Thursday night I had bled through my gauze pads pretty heavily where the port site is.  We called the Dr and he said, no problem just put pressure on it.  Well, it bled through again overnight and he said, really - more pressure.  And I did and it stopped.  So...slowly but surely I am pulling things back together.

I'm not hungry.  I'm forcing myself to eat some today.  Yesterday I think I had 6oz total...I just couldn't do it.  I'm still not hungry.  It's odd - I have weird feelings in my belly - once upon a time I would have surely fed them, as the only real explanation of odd tummy feelings is hunger (haha) but now I'm convinced it's my body settling and adjusting...and gas and what not.  DH made food this morning that smelled great, but I didn't crave it.  That was a nice feeling.

My parents just came back from a 2.5 week vacation - they were able to go to Italy and take a Mediterranean cruise.  So excited for them - and now to see them.  I scheduled this surgery kinda forgetting they'd still be gone.  My mom is a nurse - and I missed her more than I thought I would with the surgery stuff.

I'm going to post my pre-op photos a little later.  I didn't get weighed at the hospital, that I know of.  So, that night I weighed myself and my scale showed 279.1.  Now that is up from where I thought I'd be.  But, it was also after surgery - so I will blame that on gas and such and move forward.  My official weigh in days will be Thursday.  But - I took a sneaky peek this morning and saw 271.1.  weee!

more later!!


  1. Welcome to the land of the banded! The gas pains came and went for me...even up to two weeks later. So glad you're done with it already. Your neighbors sound like mine...what is with some people? Every day gets a little better...hang in there!

  2. Everyday gets easier and easier...focus on healing and getting better. :)

  3. Hiya!! mandaPanda sent me over! I am not banded yet but on my way! Seems like you are doing better and better everyday! I look forward to reading abou tyour adventure!

  4. Hi Paige! Welcome to Bandland. So glad you're recvoering from surgery fairly well. Get lots of rest and try to eat a bit. Your appetite will be back before you know it!

    My starting weight was 280 as well! And guess what? I hit Onderland last week just 7 months post-op. I'm also 37. Can you imagine that by next Spring you could be more than 80 lbs. down? Everyone is different, but I'm here to say that IT WORKS and it is AMAZING! Come visit me at

  5. Thank you for your advice!

    Congrats on your surgery. So happy to follow you on your journey. :)