Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last pre-op nutritionist meeting

Yesterday I went for my last meeting with the nutritionist before the big day.  Basically, it was to tell me about my post-op diet.

Classic 2 week liquids.  Nothing new to see here.

BUT - I had lost 7 pounds since my last nutritionist meeting which was like 3 weeks ago.

I was really excited!!

See, I haven't been great at keeping up with my diet and following what they had to say.  I haven't since I started this all in like April.  But, I have been having more protein drinks for meals...and yogurt and veggies.  So, healthier all together.

I am also starting Weight W@tchers at work tomorrow.  We have about 20 people doing it.  I have done WW before, been successful even.  But, I think we know how this story ends...girl loses weight, girl gains weight back.

My goal here, as discussed here, is to have a plan - something to follow, and people to hold me accountable. Plus, my company reimburses the amount paid, if we attend 10 of 12 meetings of a, I have little to lose.  Ummmm...lots to lose, no risk.  :)

I just can't believe that next week at this time I'll be taking some pre-op pics and getting ready for my last sleep unbanded!!  Weeeee!!!


  1. Surgery day will be here before you know it! Love the new blog!

  2. I look forward to following your journey. This surgery is something I have been interested in. Wishing you a safe journey to your post op pics.

  3. Hi, I found you thru the blog hop. The 16th is almost here, how exciting! I wish you all the best with your surgery and look forward to folling you on your journey.