Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So, this is bandster hell....

I finally found it.  I worried I'd not get to experience it.  I'm not sure why I want to experience the bad stuff - but I do.  Maybe it's my way of feeling like I belong. 

Anyways - I found it!  I suppose that if eating a box of generic pizza rolls, 2 handfuls of pretzels and a payday candy bar, while thinking about what I want to eat on the way home in an hour isn't bandster hell, then someone is messing with me.

I feel full after eating that.  But not satisfied.  Which I suspect is the mind games piece of things.

But I really want something from McDonalds.

But I know I shouldn't and don't need it.

The next 2 days at work will be nuts.  I have 14 hours each day of meetings for our employees.  I need to figure out, quickly, how I will handle the next 2 days and eating and mindless eating and finding a way to be satisfied.

Only 6 more days until my fill....


  1. Ugh! So sorry you are going through this. Somehow I managed to avoid the BH pitfalls. Not sure what advice I have except GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. This isn't a diet and your band is not yet working the way it was designed to. If you were good at dieting, you wouldn't have needed the band to begin with. Try to eat only when you're hungry and listen to your body telling you when to stop. Get some exercise. Eat lots of protein. McDonalds can be an okay food choice as long as it isn't an every day thing. I think a stressful 14 hour day sounds like a GREAT time to chose this option. You are doing fine. Just keep at it.

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  3. Alright after I re read my last post it sounded retarded. Keep your mind in gear and these episodes will be fewer and far between. You will figure all of this out with time.

  4. What is helping me is that I'm actively fighting to retain my initial losses. I have my first fill next Friday 10/29. You have gone through surgery and fought hard...don't let these gains get away from you. Try keeping a supply of healthy protein snacks around you for those long and stressful days.

  5. I so feel you on this one. I've had my first fill and still feel like I can eat a horse. I'm afraid this is just kinda how it is until the band is properly restricted. The nice thing is we know it's going to happen because we've read all these blogs. I'm just trying to knuckle down and do the best I can. You'll get through it!