Friday, October 1, 2010

Love my Band!!

Yesterday I had my first "I love my band" experience.

We ordered in lunches for a group of employees working here, but are from a plant on the other side of the country.  They are here for 4 weeks, go home for a week and then back here for 3.  Anyhoo...they were having lunch with our plant manager, so we ordered their lunches and my boss told me and my co-worker to order lunches for ourselves.

Well...we ordered from a famous local place known for their BBQ sauce.  We ordered pulled pork sandwiches, kettle chips and a huge salad.  Coworker and I got ours and set it aside while we took the group theirs and then we went and weighed in for WW.

SIDE NOTE - I lost one pound this week.  More on that in a minute!

We came back and started to eat.  I had looked at the nutritionals on this.  I decided to not eat the chips - too risky at that moment.  I took off an eyeballed portion of about 2oz of the pulled pork and then had my big salad.  I started eating.  Seriously - 2oz of meat and I was STUFFED!!!!  A little salad with Blue Cheese.  That's it!!  More than 2/3 of my lunch still sat there. 

Merely 2 weeks earlier and I would have inhaled it all and been looking for some dessert!!  :)

Loving my band!

Now...the weight loss.  I lost 1 pound.  I've watched Biggest Loser enough to know that you don't lose big forever or every week, but I was kinda disappointed.  After going 2 weeks without the official weigh in at WW and losing 12.something and then 1 measly pound.

Of course this led to self doubt and being hard on myself.  I'm surely going to be the person who fails at this.  I knew I wouldn't do it.  AGAIN.  It was too good to be true.  Blah blah blah blah blah.

I snapped out of it.  But, This is clearly the beginning of the mind work that needs to be done.  I mean - seriously - I went from the weigh in to a tiny lunch.  Also 2 weeks ago, 1 pound lost would have meant FREEDOM!  Eat away!!  But I had a tiny tiny lunch!  woo hoo!! 

I know I can do this.  I feel the difference more and more each time I make good choices and bad choices and their effect on my body.  I am more and more aware of all of the craziness around us regarding food and bad choices that are available.  I will succeed.  It will take time.  But I can do this.

How about you all?  Have you had "tiny meal" experiences?  Small weight loss trying to mess with your mind experiences?


  1. Welcome to always feels like you're either doing great or not great at all. Sometimes you're gonna lose big and other times, not so much. It's frustrating and hard on the self-esteem when you stand on that scale and it shows nothing or very little. Don't beat yourself up! It gets better with time and with restriction :)

  2. I know how you feel but just remember that 1 lb down is better than 1 lb up. :)

  3. A lb is a lb is a lb. I'll take every lb I can get! And yay for tiny meals! I'm still working on that. I have my first "normal" appt with surgeon october 14th...hoping for my first fill then.

  4. That's awesome, Paige... those portion sizes are going to net you more weight loss once your body realizes it's not a temporary thing, gets out of starvation mode, & recognizes this is the new reality. Hang in there, girl. The scale doesn't show everything. That's where the NSVs come in. :)
    Robin at Band on the Run