Wednesday, October 27, 2010

first fill!! I survived the first fill!  We had to be at the hospital at 10, you know so you could wait until they really call you back at 10:30.  Hate that.  Oh, and seriously, same hospital I just had band surgery 6 weeks prior, but I get the 1000 questions registration again.  Yes, husband is still unemployed, but thanks for reminding me.  :)  Actually, that doesn't bother me too much.  He is in school, so it's all good.  I was just annoyed a little.

Anyways - we get called back (4 of us) to have nutrition class - how to eat after a fill.  Umm...same as after the surgery.  Got it.  But this is a new nutritionist to me...and she wasn't quite in sync with what the others have said...but it's all good.

Then we wait to go back one by one to get the fill and drink the barium.  Fill - hurt more than I thought it would. Needles don't always bother me, this one did.  Barium - not as bad as I thought.  So, balanced out in the end.

I found out I have 3ccs in my LapBand brand band.  Say that a few times.

I have been doing liquids and mushies...had to have yogurt for lunch yesterday, right after.  I was growling hungry.  Then I had pintos and cheese for dinner.  This morning, a shake.  Lunch was a work meeting that I totally didn't plan for with lunch ordered in - pizza.  I ate the cheese.  It's mushy, isn't it?  And then beans and cheese again tonight.  Tomorrow, we'll ease into more food.

Let's talk water.  I think I had convinced myself preop that I drink more water than I do.  I fill my glasses with ice at work (we have a fab ice machine) but it never occurred to me how much ice displaced the amount of water.  Science wasn't my strong suit.  So....I need to work on upping the water.

So - what are your tricks and tips for adding more water into my day??


  1. Thanks for posting...I get my first fill this Friday so its good to have your insights.

    I keep water accessible. I bring a large bottle of water to work and I drink Crystal Light during the day. I stopped drinking soda so its been a good substitute.

    Page did you have liquid in your band already? From the blogs it seems like some people started out with some water in their band right after surgery. I wonder because I have PBd and slimed and feel restriction already when I over eat.


  2. I don't think I did have any in my band - the nutritionist said we didn't....but I don't know that for sure. But, as you might have read, I do feel some restriction with breads and when I eat without thought and too quickly! Good luck on your fill Friday! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  3. I hope this fill brings some restriction for you. I'm finding mine hasn't done much but I go in for another one in a couple weeks. Are all your fills done in the hospital?

  4. Yay for your fill girly! :) Can't wait to see your new low numbers over the next several weeks!!

  5. Manda - just the first one, so they can do the barium swallow/xray to make sure it's all good. The rest are at the office.