Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3rd fill!

Hope everyone is doing well and surviving the last week of the year!

Christmas went well.  Spent as little time as possible with in-laws.  We were due snow, I asked DH to ask MIL to move dinner to lunch so we could get in and out of town before.  I didn't eat breakfast, got there and she had decided to not move dinner, just make a cheeseball and let us eat candy.  Cheeseball, crackers, and candy.  Now, mind you - all good stuff.  Not a meal.  Just the kind of thing I am trying to avoid.  So...good times.

Otherwise, it was great.  DH spoiled me more than I deserved and it was great spending time with my nieces and nephew.  DH and I also had most of Christmas afternoon and night to ourselves, so we watched all 3 Toy Story movies, marathon style.  Perfect way to spend the day!!

I am feeling better, mostly.  I am on day 9 of 10 of antibiotics.  I am still waking with post nasal drip.  I'm a little over that, but otherwise, I feel better overall.

I went in for my 3rd fill today.  I'm up to 4.5cc in the band.  I weighed in there, with clothes on, obviously, at 257.  They think that's great.  I don't think so much. I think the weight they had for me for the last time either wasn't recorded or it was me with my coat on or something.  They had me at 264.  Maybe that is what I was at Thanksgiving....I have to go back and check it out.  Anyway, I met with the nutritionist.  Do you all have access to a nutritionist whenever you go for fills?  Anyway, this one is the one I have liked from day one - she is kind and supportive and actually has realistic suggestions.  The other one once told me I should just bring my own frozen meal or whatever into the lunch meetings at work.  Where I'm trying to stay on the down-low on what I did.  sure.  Everyone else is eating pizza or Panera.  And the fat girl brings in a WW meal or a turkey sandwich of her own.  Very inconspicuous.  and very doable.  That would make me feel great. I met with the good one and am getting refocused on the basics.  60-70g of protein and 64-80oz of H20.  Veggies and fruits as part of my snacks and meals, in a small way.  Up exercise to 4 x per week.  4 basics to get back to.  Also, I am getting back to planning our meals out.  We have gotten lazy and really the holidays are hard.  There is always some meal, some something to go to with food.  I rarely needed to cook.  We had leftovers from outings and leftovers from meals at work and so on and so forth.  So back to meal planning.  Back to bringing good solid lunches to work.  Back to making good breakfast choices.

It's the New Year.  I always have high hopes for the new year.  However, this year, it's different.  Last year, I thought that I could do this by myself.  This year, I have a buddy - my band.  I need a name for it.  This year, I know I have the tools to make good choices.  This year, I want to start trying to have kids.  I want to get down below 200 so that I feel healthy enough to be pregnant and actually get pregnant.  2011 holds a lot of promise.

I stopped on the way to work from my fill at Trader Joe's to get a protein drink, as I didn't plan well and leave with one this morning.  I picked up the Protein with Pizazz ready-to-drink  drink out of the fridge case.  Tasty.  I recommend it for a quick grab in a desperate moment.  a little chalky, but good banana and apple flavor to it.  almost 2 servings in a bottle (really?  Just put .8 more oz in the bottle, people) and 16g of protein.

Until later...


  1. Paige,

    Sorry about your MIL - sabatoge??? My mother kind of pulled the same thing on me the other day...she invited us over to dinner. She cooked Prime Rib. I was still on mushies at that point....and she knew that. It's ok, we had plans anyway so I easily said "no thank you". It made me realize that I will encounter obstacles always and I have to be stronger than them.

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. It gets easier, I promise, especially after the holidays! My husband and I are talking babies this year too. I just need to get past this plateau I hit. Best of luck and know there are others in the world who feel exactly like you do.


  3. MIL's - can't live with them and my hubby says we can't shoot them. Sounds like you've got a good plan for the new year. The nutritionist (there's only 1) at my doc's office sucks so I don't talk to her unless I have to