Sunday, December 5, 2010

What in the world??? And holiday spirit....

I just did my Sunday morning weigh in for the Holiday Challenge.



Everyone look at me.  I'm in the 240s.  And look quick...I'm about to be seeing TOM so I'm not sure it will last that long.  I certainly hope so though!!  I mean, hello motivation!!!  Since my official weigh in day is Thursday, I'm not moving the ticker yet...but I'm liking this twice a week weigh in to see how I move from days to days.

I'm going to get out some of my older WeightW@tchers stuff later and see if I can figure out when I last saw the 240s.

Speaking of the W meantioned above, did you hear they have a new program?  I learned all about it this week.  Guess what???  They finally did what I had been most struggling with them about since I joined up right before my surgery.  They added in counting protein to the program!  They now take protein, fiber, carbs and fat into account to figure their point system.  It makes me so happy to finally have them coinside with what I needed to be counting anyway.  I am finding this week that I am actually using their system instead of half assing my way with theirs.  And as we knowing, tracking only helps.  So....we'll see.  I think I enjoy my work group rather than the WLS support group that only meets monthly and doesn't really get past any of the basics.  I'm finding between other blogs...and at work meetings...and my DH that I am having a good amount of support.

Speaking of good fun is it that I finally discovered a fellow bandster blogster in my general area??  Weeeee!!  Fun to know someone in town.  I love the blogging community!!

Let's see, what else.  We got a bit of snbow yesterday - perfet kind of snow.  The ground was still warm, so it didn't stick much to the driveways and sidewalks, so no shovelling, but accumulated on the ground, so pretty to look at.  And on a Saturday where there wasn't much need to go places.  DH and I got our tree last night - in the snow from a little lot I had heard about.  Such beautiful tree - felt like a little scene in a movie.  Like the tree getting scene in When Harry Met Sally?  Although we don't live in the big city, so we promptly tied it to the top of my car and drove it home rather than walking it home.  We put lights on last night...and the ornaments will come after church today.  Then the rest of the decorating happens.  I am going to get my Christmas plates out and replace our everyday plates with them for the season, so we can have a little more holiday spirit.  We haven't used them the last 2 years.  2 years ago, we had just gotten married and I had just replaced old plates with our wedding gift plates.  And last year I just didn't feel the spirit.  This year...I'm doing it.

Do you all have Christmas plates?  What kinds of things do you look forward to bringing out?  Linda from Linda's Bandwith challenged everyone to post pictures of the things making people feel the spirit, so I look forward to posting pictures later here for me and seeing everyone else's!!

Talk to you all later!!


  1. I don't have Christmas plates...But I did just look at some on Macys that match my every day china. I don't think this year is the year that I will buy them but maybe after the new year if they are on major sale I will splurge. I am not really having any company since I will be having surgery very soon. Well I will have company but none that will mind me not being very hostess like!

    I am putting out my Christmas stuff today. If I can motivate and get out of my robe..I look forward to looking at all the ornaments I think. Slowly but surely I am gaining Christmas items. SO my house ought to look festive soon. I will post pics later!

  2. I found a great deal on Christmas plates almost 5 years ago and bought a bunch. Can you believe I've NEVER used them??? You've inspired me. I think I'm gonna break them out this year!