Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Giveaway and Freaking Out

ok - first things first.

Over at The World According to Eggface, she is giving away 4 bottles of yummy holiday flavored Torani Syrups.  I am finding that adding SF syrups to my protein shakes TOTALLY makes them managable.  And it allows me to have some good flavors without 1000 kinds of protein powder.  I'm so excited too because it includes the new SF Salted Caramel syrup.  Hello???  yummo!!  I love me so salted caramel hot chocolate - so this would let me have the great flavor - without the cost or the calories. over there and enter to win because it would be almost as fun if one of you won!!!  : )

Now, for the freaking out segment.

I got on the home scale this morning.  247.8.

I am trying desperately to keep peeing and getting the weight to stay just like that until 12:30 when I have my official weigh in at work.  eek.  As part of the weightw@tchers thing - this would put me past 10%.  Heck, in regular life,t his would give me more than 10% lost.  I really want to see it today because i don't have another meeting until January - because they are at work meetings.

Eeeek.  Think light thoughts for me today.


  1. My thoughts are so light, they're floating. Good luck today!

  2. Curious, does anyone at the WW meeting know you had lapband? I only ask because before I had surgery during one of my many WW attempts, there was a person who had lapband and was dropping lots of weight and was ostricized by the group once they found out. I feel that is totally unfair since the band is a tool that we use.

  3. Hey Angie

    My leader knows and my coworker knows - and that's it. I checked out the leader on the subject before I joined. I'm not losing much faster than most of the people who are working WW hard. So, I think I'll be able to keep it on the downlow. I haven't told many people for just that reason....