Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow, days off, Inlaws

Hey all!

Gosh it's crazy how the holiday season just kinda takes over.  I have today and tomorrow off.  I needed them.

I work in HR and about this time of year, I get really tired of people.  We are a good company, we offer some pretty fantastic benefits, we do a lot of nice things for our employees.  This year for holiday luncheons we stayed onsite (easiest to do with a new shift set-up and 450 employees) and catered in a nice meal from a local famous ribs place.  Ribs, chicken, salad and these chips they are known for - along with ice cream sandwiches from a local famous ice cream place.

I can't tell you how many "can I order something different"s I got.  When I was standing with the free pop - choices were coke, diet c, sprite and diet mt dew, I got no less than 5 "do you have xyz pop?"  Really people?  Free meal.  Good meal.  Free drink.  Oh, you're welcome.

BTW, out of 450 employees, I only had to say you're welcome 5 times.  No other thank yous.


And a bunch of other "give me mores" that happened this week.  So, I'm done with being a people person for a few days.

We got about 5 inches of snow last night.  I'm glad to not have to go out in it until later.  I'm getting my nails done - trying this new Shellac treatment - supposedly stays crack and chip free for 2 weeks.  We'll see!!

I'm also doing my annual baking.  I give away cookies plus host an annual cookie exchange.  The good thing is that mostly, I stay away from eating most of it.  I just like making and giving.

And I've had ongoing in-law drama.  I grew up watching my parents friends struggle with daughter and son in laws and always thought, "not me...I'm going to be a great daughter in law".  I'm sad that it isn't turning out that way.  Without a ton of details, DHs family is just so different in terms of respect and appreciation and tolerance for one another.  It is nothing for the aunts (MIL is one of 6 sisters) to bash my DH or talk negatively about him.  DH has not always been a great person.  He is big - has been all of his life.  I'm pretty sure that when he feels attacked or uncomfortable, he goes back to the 10 yo being bullied on the playground and does the only thing he knows how - fights.  Not so much physcially now, but emotionally and verbally.  Anyway, I expect the aunts to be the bigger people and not pick at DH, but they do.  And so does MIL on some level, I am finally seeing.  But...the story everyone always tells is how mean DH is.  No one mentions or remembers that they picked at him first or were mean too....  Anyway - it just wears me out.  I haven't gotten a therapist, like I wanted to after the surgery.  Now I really think I need to.  I just get so upset for DH and for how horrible his whole family situation is.  I need to figure out how to better cope with them.  Luckily, DH decided we aren't going to MILs on Christmas Eve.  So this weekend we'll make a brief visit to the extended family gathering, see his niece and sister and then move on to more fun events.


I just needed to get it all out.  Not much about food or band or that stuff.  Sorry.  But it feels good to just get it out there.

I'm going to weigh in in a bit on my home scale for my weekly.

Until later....


  1. Oh dear. I think therapy would be a good thing for your husband. Might help him ignorenthe verbal triggers when others can't keep their mouths shut!!!

    Can you believe people?? Sounds like a fabulous meal and people can be so greedy.

  2. I've learned that ALL this stuff is related to my eating issues and is, therefore, band related! Hang in there!

  3. Aw... I feel bad for your hubby. My husband's family (especially his mom) is pretty mean to him and it just makes me sad. His mother is evil to me, but it makes me sad to see a mother be so mean to her own son (who does nothing to deserve the treatment). It also makes me appreciate my own family more.

    Anyway, I think therapy would do wonders. Once you realize that you will never be able to change them, you can control how you react and having a professional guide you on exactly how to do that is key.

    BTW... my sister swears by the Shellac. Enjoy getting your nails done!