Friday, November 12, 2010

Update - and incredible protein shake!!

Thank you again for the encouragement.  It's really just amazing - as you all know!

- I called the dr office.  I have a fill scheduled the day before Thanksgiving.  I will take myself off of mushies about 30 hours later.  But, will probably eat a saucer full of food.

- Really, turkey is about the only non-mushy we will have, I think, that I care about.

- I saw 259 on my scale this morning.  Shhh - don't tell anyone.  I don't want to jinx it.

- In my attempt to plan meals, I have decided to alternate breakfast between a protein shake and oatmeal with some protein powder added.  This morning I made this shake - apple pie protein shake!!!  Soooo good.  Definitely a good fall flavor!  I am using the splurge Starbux Cinnamon Dolce SF syrup I bought and have been hoarding.  Tasty!!

- Happy Friday all!!


  1. I'm SO happy you got a pre-turkey day fill! YAY!!!!! Love how things work out beautifully like that :) The protein shake sounds great; where did you find it? A great breakfast is turkey bacon and eggs (whites w/ 1 yolk). It keeps me filled all the way to lunch. Protein shakes are a great protein source but remember, solid proteins will keep you fuller, longer ;) Way to go on the loss. I knew it and so proud of you!!!!!

  2. Nikki - there is a link to the recipe above for the shake. theworldaccordingtoeggface is a great blog with tons of ideas and recipes. She had gastric bipass, so geared a little more that way. I agree - usually real food vs shakes keeps me fuller for longer - but this was quicker. Turkey bacon tastes so much better now than when it first came out!!