Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something's got to give.

I'm back up .8.  Seriously.

Tired of it.

Hoping for the fill to work a miracle.  Also, going to work even harder on eating the right things for the next 6 days leading up to the fill.  Just looking for a little 250s love.  Good news - I have a whole history from my weigh in book to show them at the doctor.  They didn't officially weigh me the day of my first fill - just took my word for the weight. So I have proof that I've been in the same 3 pounds since one week after surgery.

I'm feeling inspiration by reading what everyone typically eats.  I even decided to set up "appointments" in outlook calendar at work to remind me to go for a walk and get some steps - and drink some water.  Hoping that helps a little with that side of things.

You are all so sweet with your comments.  LOL at my boobs getting smaller - DH has already noticed that.  I'm ready for that, truth be told.  I did wear a pair of jeans today that have always been a little big, but now really are falling down.  Time to focus on other pairs.  I'm kinda in between with other clothes though, having not lost enough to move out of them.  So, we'll keep hanging on.

Thanksgiving dinner count - up to 18 people.  Not sure where everyone will sit.

You are all wonderful.  Thanks again for the encouragement and comments on the pictures!  I'm so lucky.


  1. I work hard the days before I see the MD too. Its like studying for a test or trying to get a grade. I think I need to prove to myself that I can do it. I think you are doing great and you deserve an "A". I'm glad I weigh myself everyday and that I bought a new and accurate scale; but the fluctuations drive me crazy. But I've come to realize that our bodies are a work of chemistry and the fluctuations are a normal part of this journey. But you are making a remarkable and steady journey into weight loss...keep it up.

  2. You CAN do this. It takes some tweaking with the fills to get the scale going in the right direction. Be patient, follow the rules and exercise. It WILL come off!

  3. 18 people! Whoa baby! I am having 8 and I a stressed out about that! Sending good vibes your way!

  4. You're certainly going to have a full table at your house. Just keep on keeping on and sooner or later, the scale will move. I think sometimes it just needs to know we're not giving up.