Friday, July 29, 2011

Are you kidding me?

So...when this all started I said - and had many say to me - that this will get worse before it gets better.

Huh.  Hard to imagine in the middle of it - but it's true.

- yesterday I got a copy of the amended protection order.  turns out STBXH and his lawyer submitted for it to be changed for him to come on my street for work.  Fine.  My lawyer knew that part.  I'm good with that.  Oh, and they failed to mention that they added that he could call my dad 1x to meet here to get more clothes and tools.  Um, no.  I don't agree to that.  Not comfortable with that.  You took 45 minutes the first night with the police and took my stuff.  You took almost 30 minutes the second time.  You don't need anything more until we settle the divorce.

- I get to go to court, I found out today, on Monday.  He had charges against him for the imfamous night and this is the pretrial conference and the prosecutor needs me there.  Excellent.  Oh and I got to retell the story for the 100th time to them this morning.  Excellent.

- His girlfriend, that I suspected and he denied, posted to his Facebook page tonight that she loved waking up to the flowers he gave her and thanks for a great date last night.  Seriously, sent me into a tail spin.  Thank goodness for my parents, despite my dad's desire to medicate with food and bringing ice cream.  I know I need to unfriend him.  This has all happened so fast and I just am not there yet.  But...this isn't good.  And there are people that he is friends with that are my family and his and my friends who don't know what is going on yet.  But, gosh, now they get to find out - don't they?


Tomorrow is the reunion.  Wish I had a designated driver.  On the other hand, probably best to not make a fool out of myself.  :)


  1. Try and have a lot of fun at the reunion!

    You will make it through this..and you will be the better person! Keep your head held high!

  2. Hang in there hun. He just keeps reinforcing that you are doing yourself good by getting out. I know it's not going to be easy for you, but be strong. Actually, don't be. Allow yourself time to grieve and hurt, but be strong when you need to be.

    Try to enjoy the reunion!

  3. You will make it through this and you have us to lean on if you ever need to vent!!! I hope you have fun at the reunion!!